napisWhoever thinks that Slovakia is a Catholic country is mistaken. The numbers of those who would like to at least claim themselves as a member of the Catholic Church in Slovakia are falling abruptly from year to year and from decade to decade. The first reports from the recent population census show that Slovakia has definitely changed. And that it has taken the tragic “Irish road”. The losses in the ranks of the faithful are enormous. Large numbers of Slovaks working in European Union countries where the separation of Church and State had happened are refusing to pay Church taxes. The Church no longer means anything to them. More and more young people are rejecting institutionalised religion and are indulging themselves in esoteric heresies coming from the East. Is it really just the pressure of the secular world on the Church from outside that is responsible for this state?

Whoever claims that Slovak bishops belong to the conservative ones is mistaken. From Sunday to Sunday, Slovak bishops reduce the demands of faith placed on the people in order to fill and maintain their numerous churches. Almost anything is now allowed in church just to please the egocentric and spoiled children and young people. These, however, give nothing back to the Church. Once they are tired of the church's “communities of fun and fellowship”, they immediately leave them to quickly find a new toy. But it suits the bishops to be able to present themselves as those who walk hand in hand with the multitudes of the young and with hands full of progress. They do not stand in the way of novelty and are willing to bring almost any sacrifice at the altar of preservation of the status quo with the liberal state apparatus. With whom, then, do our bishops "pilgrim" and where do they "accompany" the people along the broad paths?

Whoever calls Pope Francis a liberal is mistaken. At least in the matter of getting rid of His opponents, His Holiness does not behave like a liberal in a strict sense of the word. At the time of the Pope's persecution of His Excellency Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke - one of the signatories of the famous “Five Doubts of the Four Cardinals” about some of the conclusions of the apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia — hundreds of posters appeared in Rome. Next to a photograph of Pope Francis stood the question: “Where is Your mercy?” That same question has been posed to the Pope today by hundreds of communities of confused Catholics around the world. And this is mainly since July 2021, when the Pope issued his motu proprio Traditionis Custodes, which restricted the celebration of the Mass of the Ages. With his motu proprio, the Pope de facto revoked Pope Benedict XVI's teaching on the “hermeneutic of continuity” and affirmed that the New Mass Order of the Roman Rite did not organically grow in unity and continuity with the Church's two-thousand-year-old tradition. Can Greek Catholics imagine the Pope banning the liturgy of St. John Chrysostom?

These and similar questions have been asked by clueless Catholics in Slovakia for many years. The incompetence with which the Church in Slovakia was led by the bishops during the epidemic of the new coronavirus has contributed to the fact that a similar confusedness has now affected thousands of the faithful in a relatively short time. The receiving of the Body of Christ in the hands or the refusal to acknowledge conscientious objection to morally compromised vaccines has taken many Catholics by surprise.

Therefore, a new underground Church began to emerge in Slovakia, such as only our fathers remember from the times of communism. Samizdat religious literature is again being printed in Slovakia. These are mainly preconciliar editions of the Holy Scriptures, catechisms, missals, prayer books and textbooks of faith and morals. The faithful, however, are distributing these Catholic samizdat books in secret this time for fear not of the state, but of the hierarchy of the Church. Priests are once again secretly celebrating the preconciliar Masses of All Time. Across the country, decentralized islands of clueless Catholics have sprung up, realizing that at a time when civilization is collapsing, it is equally important to preserve the true faith in its integrity alongside the attainment of personal holiness. These islands of tradition are a mix of priests, theologians, university-educated intellectuals, merchants or small artisans. From their midst — but without claiming to speak for all of them — have come those who have revealed their identity and present this report to the Pope.

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